Tuesday, November 29, 2005


My friend and super duper photographer Geoff Cordner forwarded me a very funny mini flick a friend of his made about polyamory. Very funny and fun! This is an interesting time of year to be thinking about polyamory with the holidays and all. If you have all sorts of primary and secondary partners, who do you buy presents for, if you are into that holiday gift-giving sort of thing? How do you decide?

Did you know that William Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman, was part of a long term polyamorous relationship? He had his wife, and another lady who lived with the two of them. I have a feeling the inspiration for Wonder Woman’s golden lasso popped up back at the Marston ranch.

There is a great FAQ site for those who are curious called alt.polyamory. It’s got one of those purity tests, where to find like minds, etc. There is also an offical Polyamory Society. A great book called the Ethical Slut breaks it all down in an intelligent way.


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