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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Erotic City and Dyke March

Here's a few lovely photos to share from last weekend. Diamonback Annie, our very own Oshay from the leather design department (looking especially tough, I might add) and our Daedalus publisher, Linda Santiman at both Erotic City and the Silverlake Dyke March. Annie sported our leather jock strap (with her own embellishments and flair) and was told to "cover the crack" so she can be street legal. This isn't San Francisco, darling. Cracks must be covered!

If you are looking for some sexy femme toughness this weekend, look no further than the Derby Doll's latest match up in North Hollywood. They have a whole slew of tournaments coming up, so be sure and check their calendar. Last time I went to a match, a friend of mine playing bit it so hard, her knee was cut down to the tissue (eeesh!) and another girl broke her arm. All this is amazing sexy outfits and rollerskates. I think I am in heaven.


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