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Monday, June 19, 2006

Get Your Queen On

The latest Wig Out event, "Freddie Mercury- Get your Queen On" was every bit of extreme fantastic-ness as I expected. Held at the M Bar, a old-Italian looking bar in Hollywood, I was greeted by a drag king Freddie taking tickets in a sparkly gold bra with a busy mustache. I dashed immediately to the Wig Repair Booth by Darlin' of the Fandango Salon. Help! My fall is looking mighty haggard! Darlin was dressed like one of the Andrew Sisters and jumped right in to pretty up my hair. I got lots of great wig-care advice and tips on where to get the best products. Thank you darlin'!

Inside I was immediately greeted by Jean Natalia, the producer of Wig Out, looking especially Freddie-fied in a red jumpsuit with sequins, packing a huge bulge, and sporting a bountiful mustache. She kicked off the show with a full-on dance number with two go-go boys! Everyone was screaming with delight!

There was an amazingly punk drag queen performance art poly bi drag king set of performers who all paid tribute in one way or the other to Queen Freddie. My favorites were Prince Poppycock and Jackie Beat, who had the outrageous looks to go with some impressive set of pipes. Believe me, and I speak from experience here, singing Queen songs are not easy- there are a million quick moving lyrics and a huge range. I was completely impressed with how everyone pulled these songs off!

Never fear if you missed Friday's bliss- Jean Natalia is putting on a naughty boys night out this very Tuesday- that's tomorrow- in West Hollywood. It's called....ahem... Tea Bag! And she's got the "balls" to pull this one off! This one is happening every Tuesday night at the 7969, and it's all about Rock Pop Punk New Wave Glam with DJ Howie Pyro. I highly recommend it.

I got some exciting news from our Daedalus Publisher that Violet Blue's Book, Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples, already has 864 pre-orders from our book distributor! In other words, everyone is chomping at the bit to get her latest sex guide. Violet was last seen at a robot convention. What a boring life, eh? I love the pic with the Stormtrooper.


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