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Monday, June 26, 2006

Batty over Adam West

Palms Springs was the place to be this weekend, if you are a Batman fan. Adam West, the lead Batman in the TV show, had his own art opening in a show aptly titled Beyond Batman. Julie Newmar (Catwoman, purrrrr) and Adam West reunited for this breezy event at the new M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs. Adam West works included more than 50 original paintings and sketches that reflected his experience on the show with all sorts of images of the Joker, the Penguin, Catwoman etc.

Back in L.A. it was all about the giant Erotica LA Convention. My co-workers came back from the event with all sorts of glittery swag and signatures from Porn Stars. What's hot this year besides the movie stars? Kinky toys made of steel. Everybody's doing it.

If you are in New Jersey next weekend, how about attending the TES Fest. Brought to you by the Eulenspiegel Society (say that three times fast!), this 4th of July weekend extravaganza offers 4 days of Events, Shopping, Parties, Kinky Play and 120+ Classes. You may even win, through one of their raffles a $100 Gift Certificate for the Stockroom. That's worth the trip itself! Look out for the uber sexy Bondage Lounge with Midori, and the cleverly titled, "I'm a Masochist! What's a Masochist?" panel discussion.


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