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Friday, June 23, 2006

Models and Reflection

I love the photos featured by Steve Diet Goedde in the latest Eros-Zine article about Miss Conduct. I had the pleasure a couple years ago of accompanying Miss Conduct with a group on halloween to KnottsScary Farm. Sexy Fetish Models and Amusement park zombies, what more can you ask for?

Speaking of models, Midori has been branching out from shooting bound babes to hot leathermen. Her latest pic is shown in her Live Journal entry. I think this is a great direction for her. If any female can get hot pics of leatherdudes, it's Midori.

I often think of summer as a time of personal reflection. If you have some lazy summer days ahead and are interested in getting to know a little more about your or your loved one's "Personality Style", take a tip from our very own Joel Tucker and pick up Please Understand Me by David Keirsey. The book consists of a thoughtfully written questionnaire and plenty of interesting analysis about the various combinations of personality styles. This book is great for getting to know a group you work with, play with, and for finding more individual insight.

Lastly, I mentioned many moons ago that a new punk-girl site will be up and running, and that day has finally arrived! God's Girls (some in lovely Stockroom attire) are making a splash in a big way.


At 8/29/2006 4:48 PM, willam said...

hot pics!

ever need a queen...

At 10/07/2006 12:36 AM, said...

You can come and take my photo any time baby, I'm sub slave lora, and I adore strong women.
Come and visit me ok? See you
Love sub slave lora


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