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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Toys and Lubes Update and Sexy Ladies

I don't know about you, but I can get a bit confused about which toy should be used with which lube. Mess it up, and your favorite, expensive dildo could be a blobby mess! Who wants that? About a year ago I wrote a big blog about toys and lube compatibility, and now I would like to share with you some new information.

Many lube enthusiasts have enjoyed the silky, long lasting power of silicone lube. But, up until now I have been warned not to use silicone lube with silicone toys. The idea is, the silicone cells "bond" to each other and change the chemistry of the toy. Then you end up with Frankendildo. A nightmare for sure.

The deal is, that is still true about every rubber / jelly / low grade silicone toys. Use water based lube. Not silicone. But, my dears, if you adore medical grade 100% silicone dildos, you may be in luck! The 100% medical grade silicone dildos hold up just fine with good quality silicone lubes, like Wet, ID Millennium, Eros, and Sliquid have proven to hold up very well.

The Sliquid Silk has the best of both worlds because it is actually a water / silicone hybrid. It has a water base and 12% silicone to give it its extra silky feel. This one is especially good for women who enjoy sex toys. It doesn't have Glycerin or Nonoxynol 9, which can irritate the vaginal walls.

If you already have a favorite silicone lube and aren't sure whether it would be safe to use with your silicone toy, do a patch test. Apply a bit of lube to the bottom base of the toy, and notice whether the lube "bonds" to the toy and becomes gooey. If all is golden, use the lube with the toy, then be sure to wash it up with anti-bacterial soap, or toy cleaner, and boil it periodically.

Tantus came up with some big beautiful new dildos and vibes made of that fancy schmancy 100% Platinum Silicone. I love The Captain, and The Squirt dildos, and the G-Spot vibe. Oh Captain! My Captain!

Is that enough practical advice for one day? Okay, how about more pics of sexy gals? These couple of cuties I pulled from Steve Diet Goedde free part of his site. There is a never ending array of lovelies to see there!


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