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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Strippers vs. Burlesque vs. Modern Dance

There has been a heated discussion going around the office today about strippers vs. burlesque dancers. Thanks guys, for giving me a topic to blog.

The talk today had to do with how some burlesque dancers look their noses down at strippers, and don’t consider themselves sex workers. Of course, I know some ex-strippers who turned out to be very skilled and top-notch entertaining burlesque dancers. I am all for equality of heart and mind for all people. So, you can guess which side I am on here. Three cheers for strippers and burlesque dancers!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Buzz and Ride

Recently I got a couple of great questions on my blog that I thought would be great to share with y’all. This comment came from my Bend the Boyfriends Over blog entry.

Anonymous said...

Two urgent items!

1) the "terra firma" harness still slips around when i'm using it on my man. the thigh straps just never seem to get tight enough. and i'm not skinny.

2) my FAV: a jelly vibrator with a vibe on the inside, and then a nubbed vibe right where it meets the clitoris. but--a lame elastic strap that won't stay put.

i really want a good vibe against my clit while i'm fucking him. it seems I've looked everywhere. any suggestions?

Good questions!

1. If you enjoy bending your boyfriend over, I say invest in a rock solid strap-on harness. There are plenty of them out there that are sturdy enough for a rough ride, and also pretty enough to feel like a femme-y sexy star. My absolute favorite strap-on looks like a costume piece for a Wonder Woman episode. It’s the Vinyl Strap-On Harness in red and silver. This harness is stronger than leather, won’t stretch and get too loose, is easy to clean, has four straps so the pussy is exposed for more fun, and its sparkly. You can’t beat sparkly. If you are looking for something more bad-ass, I recommend the harness that is made of strong leather, and can also hold a cod-piece! You can go from super sexy drag king to rough big-dildoed top in less than a minute in this Jock Harness.

2. The Feeldoe is perfect for feeling the vibration while fucking with a strap-on. It’s a double headed dildo and clit vibe all in one. It’s hugely popular here at the Stockroom. One end is a full sized dildo (pick from three sizes), the other end is smaller and angled to enjoy while being the top, and a mini-vibe is positioned right on the clit. There are no extra straps to mess with.

Hot Spots and Cool Sites

This whole V-day Holiday is bringing out all sorts of wild events. Ain't Love grand? Word has it that there will be quite a few folks hopping from the aforementioned Black Heart's Ball at Miss Kittys to the Bondage Ball. We are sponsoring that event and providing door prizes as well.

Also on Friday the kick ass and kinky illustrator Michael Manning will have an art opening at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery. He has captured heightened, sensual likenesses of Midori and our former leather designer, Molotov Cocktail, to name a few.

Also, Midori will be live on the net on Girl 411 from 3-5 Pacific Time. She'll be talking about sex, toys, what we like as gals about sex, etc! See her and hear her in all her glory.

Sunday and Monday Midori is teaching classes at that new Women-owned sex toy store in Hollywood, Babeland. She's teaching classes on oral sex for women on Sunday and oral sex for men on Monday.

And if you would rather stay home and be entertained, I highly recommend celebrated photographer Geoff Cordner's newly revamped website. Geoff's unflinching eye captures the rough and raw end of beauty and sensuality. He's got thoughtful autobiographical stories, clips from his cutting edge film projects, and plenty of photography to enjoy.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Black Heart's Ball at Miss Kittys

For those of you who have already checked out the new Stockroom Forum and read my article about the club, Miss Kittys, this excerpt will be déjà vu:

One of the most regular and reliable fetish nights in LA is Miss Kittys night on Friday at the Dragonfly in Hollywood. The crowd is young and fashion conscious and ready to dance and flirt and show off their newest outfit. I swear, and I'm not bragging, I couldn't stand still for a moment by myself without getting hit on. People there are ready to play! I like the floor shows as well. They are full of humor and general naughtiness. The crowd is mostly hetero, but the smaller gay crowd fits in comfortably as well. And all the gals seemed willing to cross the line if the opportunity arose....

Yesterday I had a chance to meet Christos, the organizer, and Miss Kitty herself! We gave them a tour of the Stockroom, and they picked out a pile of prizes to give away this Friday at their Black Hearts Ball. Yep, they are going dark and naughty for Valentine’s Weekend. Come join us and maybe you’ll win the big black faux furry Pillow Pouch that holds a generous selection of our toys.

I haven’t been to Miss Kittys for a few months, so I am looking forward to the colorful debauchery.