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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Panty Parade

Let’s talk about panties. The word itself is culturally feminine in nature. Men who slip on panties generally are indulging the female aura or want to engage in being feminine.

A few of us in the office shared stories about sneaking into the 18 and Over section of Spencer’s- the cheap and tawdry adult novelty chain that graces many a suburban mall. There you can find such naughty underthings as the classic edible panties. I swear there has been more junior high titters about edible panties than just about any other subject. I found instructions on how to knit your own edible panties out of licorice! That wins the prize for craftiness.

What got me thinking about panties in all their ramifications was making a packing list for the crafty DIY fair, Bazaar Bizarre. We are proudly bringing just the items we hand make on the premises, and I was trying to decide whether this crowdy of rowdy punky crafters would be interested in buying leather crotchless panties. I’m bringing a variety of sexy leather panties, but I can’t decide on whether the crotchless variety would inspire this crowd.

One discovery I have made from attending events that delights me is how many men are interested in buying the ultra-feminine, ribbon-laced booty cleavage briefs. I loved being surprised by stuff like that. I love the gender benders and blenders.

One of my favorite curvaceous and whip-smart sex educators is Ducky Doolittle. Anyhoo, Dr. Ducky wrote a great article called PANTY FETISH: Uncovering Why Men Beg, Borrow, Steal Women's Underwear. She’s got all the shades and ramifications down in this plucky Ducky article.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


My friend and super duper photographer Geoff Cordner forwarded me a very funny mini flick a friend of his made about polyamory. Very funny and fun! This is an interesting time of year to be thinking about polyamory with the holidays and all. If you have all sorts of primary and secondary partners, who do you buy presents for, if you are into that holiday gift-giving sort of thing? How do you decide?

Did you know that William Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman, was part of a long term polyamorous relationship? He had his wife, and another lady who lived with the two of them. I have a feeling the inspiration for Wonder Woman’s golden lasso popped up back at the Marston ranch.

There is a great FAQ site for those who are curious called alt.polyamory. It’s got one of those purity tests, where to find like minds, etc. There is also an offical Polyamory Society. A great book called the Ethical Slut breaks it all down in an intelligent way.

Monday, November 28, 2005

I’m Back

Did you miss me? I had a week of Holiday/Blog technical difficulties. But I’m back and better than ever. I promise.

Bizarre Bazaar

The first Biz Baz last week turned out to be quite an adventure. Threshold changed locations from Van Nuys to Inglewood in the historic Mayflower Ballroom. I thought the space was a great improvement! I loved the large gothic iron chandeliers and the lights in the ballroom floor. It also provided enough space for all the vendors and the floor show to be in the same place.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, the Stockroom took a new approach and only brought new items to the fair. The big winners? Everyone was playing with the tuning fork dildo- making it ring, making musician jokes, etc. And the Ballz Master Set was a big hit- the size and weight is so formidable! Oh, and the new line of electrical gizmos from PES was the talk of the event as well.

On the stage they had the flamboyant rubber chicken lady, raffles, and some interpretive dance to one of my favorite bands, Portishead. Everyone was all smiles and twinkly kinky expressions. My co-hort and I could not get Neil Diamond songs out of our head all day, but that’s another story…

New Office

Congrats to the Stockroom on moving into their swanky new office space! JT’s Stockroom, all its employees and sex toys had moved into a new building last March. With the move we got a giant sex toy warehouse, some retail spaces to rent out, and a whole third floor for the leather design department and the office spaces.

We took the time to gut the old govt.-looking office spaces and make a real airy, modern looking space for all our creative minds. Months later, the renovation is ready for the office-types to move in. Can I tell you? I just love my new desk.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Hats off to Andrew Blake

Ahhhh Andrew Blake. That maker of the beautiful and perfect, softly lit porn. If you know anyone who is shyly interested in trying porn for the first time- vanilla or fetish, I say break her in with Andrew Blake. Blake makes every scene look dreamy and silky. In a Message from Andrew Blake, Andrew says:

I never photograph my women in a vulgar way. My films are not about reality but portray a surreal fantasy world where each part of their bodies is displayed with the utmost care. Even their most private anatomy is revealed to you like magnificent exotic flowers.

How can you argue with that? Magnificent exotic flowers? That’s precious! Okay, so his over-earnest musings about the female form may be a bit over the top, but there is something to be said for porn that is not meant to be vulgar. Just pretty and steamy. I can appreciate that.

Our superstar Stockroom model, Aria Giovanni, is featured in an Andrew Blake flick aptly named Aria. That’s delicious Aria to go. I swear most of the Stockroom has a crush on that woman. Aria and Angelina Jolie. (No, Jolie does not star in any Andrew Blake films. Stop dreaming.)

Look for the Stockroom booth at Bizarre Bazaar this Sunday. Because so many of the peeps who attend Biz Baz are already longtime customers, we are only bringing new stuff. It should be fun.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Fetish Flame

I recently met the hottest pair in podcasting, Nova and Atticus from Fetish Flame. I had talked to them on the phone a couple of times and wondered if they were as good looking as they sound. They are! And charming and smart as well. They really do have the best voices suited for podcasting.

Fetish Flame is based out of San Francisco, where they usually do all of their podcasts. But the two came up for a podcasting expo and made their way to the Stockroom to take a tour of the new building, then steal Steve Diet Goedde away for an interview. Future plans involve an interview with Stockroom President Joel Tucker, and yours truly. I look forward to that.

Nova and Atticus told me they were surprised by how far reaching their podcasts have traveled. I believe they said Fetish Model Kumi had originally heard one while she was in Germany!

I have to admit that I heard a podcast for the very first time today. At the click of a mouse I had Fetish Flames’ most recent post playing through my headphones right here at my trusty computer. What have I been waiting for? There is something quite tantalizing about listing to the dulcet voices talking about intimate topics. Today’s podcast involved a chat with Sissy Syndi, a heterosexual crossdresser.

It was such a pleasure to hear Syndi talk so openly about her proclivity. Nova and Atticus conducted the interview with such respect and playful candor. The interview could so easily be used for either sensual stimulation, or in-depth education. Or both.

I adore the heterosexual crossdressers. They really go against the grain. I love that Syndi finds his wife hot and wants to wear her panties. That’s so great.

The het crossdressers bring to mind one of my favorite stand up comedians, Eddie Izzard. Not only is he a mind-blowing history fanatic and can roll with the most clever and hilarious jokes regarding history, but he is also an out heterosexual cross dresser and wears women’s clothes and make-up onstage. On HBO and the like. Mighty impressive.

Syndi mentioned viewing the movie Ed Wood being an important trigger in his sexuality. (I think Johnny Depp in a tight pink angora sweater could be a major trigger for anyone.) He also enjoyed a commercial with William Shatner in heels for Priceline.

The interview covered all sorts of intriguing topics- het women attracted to cross dressing men, those guys who always find an excuse to do drag, where to shop for panties (Syndi says Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, Target and your local 99 cent store 99 cent store are great!)

I am a new convert. I’m going to check out all of their podcasts. Now all I want is one of those new fancy ipods so I can have Fetish Flame to go….

Friday, November 11, 2005


I attended the best grand opening party last night. It was for a new female-oriented sex toy store, Babeland. Babeland is the latest incarnation from Rachel and Claire, owner of three other Toys in Babeland stores and a website.

The Stockroom has a loving symbiotic relationship with the Babelands. We even make custom strap-ons for them! Juli Crockett and I attended with Steve Diet Goedde. He has enjoyed signing his books for them in the past. They had his Beauty of Fetish book displayed front and center.

First off, the store is beautifully designed. The colors are bright and welcoming. The shelves are filled with playful products with lots of information and helpful hints. The place was packed with well wishers, and beautiful young waiters served us plenty of hors d'oeuvres and cocktails as we gazed upon beautifully sculpted packing dildos and vibrating cockrings.

The beloved Freddy and Eddy were there, with their red siren of an assistant,Jennifer Ramsey. The lead singer of the recently disbanded Radio Vago was there, lots of stylish dildo distributors, and various Babeland sex educators.

A buxom burlesque dancer appeared from the back room and shimmied and stripped to her pasties lipsyncing to a jazzy 50’s song. The crowd hooted and applauded. I tried to take photos to share with y’all, but the place was too crowded and I am too short to see over them!

Then Babeland held a raffle. They whipped out some very fancy toys for prizes! Nothing but the best for this crowd. They gave away a Magic Wand and an Njoy dildo. Then, last but not least, I won a prize at the raffle! And it was the fanciest prize. A beautiful, sky blue, hand blown glass dildo. I felt so lucky.

Tomorrow, Saturday from 2 to 4pm, Babeland is having a grand opening celebration open to the general public. Check it out!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

BDSM Fear Factor

I was having a talk with the head of customer service today and he told me what a large portion of Stockroom fans are like Extreme Sports players. These brave players are always looking for the next big thrill. It is hard to keep up with the demand! I swear, there should be a BDSM Fear Factor. I am sure we could find tons of candidates for this show.

This fascinates me. Everyone has a limit. The limits may change with time, but everyone has some levels of limits. I like to call it the Twinge Factor. And pushing those limits can create a whole new buzz of endorphins. The Stockroom aims to please, and we keep looking for more deliciously torturous devices to please the hungry beasts.

I thought it would be fun to point our some of our more extreme new toys. First off, we have a whole new line of electrical gear. The PES line. Paradise Electro Stimulations. This line is full of all sorts of knarly electric catheters and anal plugs and the like. It is all mix and match like a tinker toy kit and guaranteed for hours of extreme play good times.

The humblers have also been hot tickets. This medieval-looking device forces the sub to lean over in a humbled position while his balls are stretched and smashed. Yowsa.

The parachute ball stretcher has been improved upon and is now offered with 105 sharp tacks! That’s right! Stretch and prick and poke.

The padded rubber hood is a creative take off on inflatable rubber hoods. I tried it on, and it was like being encased in a big rubber pillow. It is filled with foam. I couldn’t hear or see a thing. It was exciting in that claustrophobic, sensory deprivation kind of way. It kind of felt like I was stuck in a strange, wipe-clean stuffed animal. That’s a whole different kink.

Be on the look out for more extreme toys. And if you see one you like, let me know and I’ll pass on the info.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Interview with Stockroom's Leather Designer, J. Mysterioso

I recently had the distinct pleasure of interviewing our cutting edge leather designer, J. Mysterioso.

Lucky Lana J Mysterioso, your designs are fantastic. They make every kind of body build look good. What is your secret?

J Mysterioso I would have to say knowing what parts of the body to accentuate. We may all have different builds, but we all have a curve or line in our form that we can highlight. Once you determine this, you make the fit around that emphasis perfect.

Lucky Lana Why did you choose to work with leather?

J Mysterioso Ah, leather – It’s an amazing medium with a long history. Leather has sensual qualities like its feel and smell. And I’ve always appreciated the fact that leather construction is a specialty craft. From a designer’s perspective, it’s extremely versatile, it can last a lifetime, and always wears better with age.

Lucky Lana You have such a great handle on making traditional leather scene pieces and very modern designs. How do you decide when to keep traditional and when to break out?

J Mysterioso For me it’s all about the balance of the two. Many bondage and S&M leather pieces are very traditional in their form. I work on impulse to try and incorporate my view of a modern edge into those pieces where appropriate. Reinventing the traditional functionality of a piece with some contemporary twists in aesthetics is always a goal.

Lucky Lana What are your influences?

J Mysterioso Definitely music. For me music is a tool. While working on a project I strive to gain feeling out of my design the same way a song can stimulate all kinds of emotion. And as for an iconic designer – I know it sounds cliché, but I greatly respect John Galliano for pushing his creative boundaries in fashion and being successful in doing so.

Lucky Lana How did you come to work with the Stockroom?

J Mysterioso Ha! A good memory: I was a tapped out college student and responded to an ad posted by the Stockroom in the Career Development Center. I inquired over the phone, to later find out that was the first of many conversations I would have with Lloyd Tucker, a.k.a. Pops. I remember my interview to a tee, literally – I wore a “Big Fuck” T-shirt (totally appropriate for the Stockroom), and after meeting my interviewers I was beyond inspired. I knew right away the Stockroom was a team I wanted to join. Three years later here I am.

Lucky Lana How do you decide what to make next?

J Mysterioso It’s based on three elements: First of all, market demand – the customers’ needs and wants, secondly, personal ideas, and lastly, market gaps – product that’s missing in the marketplace.

Lucky Lana What makes the Stockroom gear so irresistible?

J Mysterioso The quality. The leather we use for our merchandise is high grade when compared with the competition. By far, our leather finishes take our pieces to a level visually that surpass any comparable product.

Lucky Lana What is your favorite part of designing?

J Mysterioso The ultimate for me in the creation process is the end result – bringing a flat sketch to life and seeing a model, or anyone for that matter, rock the piece.

Lucky Lana Do you have any hints to give us about future leather designs?

J Mysterioso Technical designs are on the current agenda - some involving head harnesses. And some fun and very feminine pieces for the ladies.

Lucky Lana Do you have any last words for your leather fans?

J Mysterioso Keep it real. Keep it Stockroom. Pe-ace.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Kinky Comics

I am a comic book fan. A graphic novel fan. However you view it and phrase it. Lately a few quality kinky comics have come to my attention that are beautiful and titillating. The newest being Italian comic genius Roberto Baldazzini. His range of comics is vast- from the most sweeping romantic, to hard and kinky to retro flair.

I’ve been a fan for a while now of Michael Manning. He’s got a new collection out now called Inamorata. It includes a wide range of color and black and white images from throughout his career. The book has a couple of intros written by favorites Patrick Califia and Midori.

One comic I adore is Valeria by Brian Tarsis. He also drew the cover for the fiction femme dom book, Debbie’s Gift by Amity Harris. His mix of humor and sadism and female hero strength is intoxicating.

We’ve got a great collection of reproduced comics from the golden age called Bizarre Comix. It’s delicious to see all these 40’s and 50’s pin up girl types getting all caught up in BDSM struggle after naughty struggle.

There’s also Erich von Gotha’s Troubles with Janice, the Dangerous Liaisons - era Graphic novels. That Janice always seems to get herself in a heap of forbidden trouble. The full color art in these books are so detailed and delicate and elaborate.

Friday, November 04, 2005

New Things I Love

It’s Friday, and I’m in the mood for love…… of new things, of course. Friday is the most hopeful day of the week, don’t you think? It’s a day of possibility. A new beginning of a new weekend. A time to experience new things.

In the Pink

I remember years ago a close friend of mine telling me, “It’s a good thing you don’t like pink, or you would wear it every day.” Hmmmm. I’ve change my tune. I have fully embraced pink in all its permutations, and I am still not wearing it every day. Ha. Lots of pink items are girlify-ing the Stockroom these days. The best being the new line of pink leather bondage gear. We’ve got pink cuffs, collars, leashes, blindfolds, with pink rubber ducky vibrators on the way. You know who I would love to see in our new pink gear? That forever young princess maven of Hollywood, Angelyne. Oh yes. Posed near her pink convertible.


I have recently been turned onto the sophisticated, dark and beautiful images of Geoff Cordner. He’s got a great piece up at the Erotic Museum. His website hosts his photography, short films, fashion shoots, and more. He quotes Diane Arbus at one point on the site. Now that is an unforgettable photographer. I saw her work at LACMA a couple of years ago. Her vision of fringe society, including the sexual fringes, is beautiful and tragic and respectable all at the same time.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I have been asked to write a sex-toy review column for a new magazine coming out in early 2006 called Double G. I wanted to kick it off by asking people:

What is your favorite masturbation toy?

Or, in other words,

What is your self-loving standby?

Here is one of my favorite responses:

I'm a cavewoman in some ways - I still like to spend time in my cave, playing with primitive tools. :)

I like non-battery-operated dildoes, including "pervertibles" - household objects that can be used for pleasure. These include long-necked bottles, hairbrush handles and perfume bottles with interesting shapes.

Markers (with caps on) and some candles can be used without lube for anal sex.

The tails of toy animals covered in acrylic fur are good for petting a pussy! However, the stuffing is not always washable.

I first discovered these things as a teenager, when I had to figure out how to get myself off without letting my parents know. The thrill of the forbidden has lasted a long time.

Commercially-marketed dildoes in the form of household objects would be a hoot.

One of my favorite fantasies is to have a one-of-kind hand-made dildo, preferably a gift from an admirer. Toys like this are featured in several of my erotic stories. In one, the dildo is made of wood, carved in various bumps and swirls, painted red and heavily shellacked. In another, the dildo is carved from marble to look like a large, realistic dong.

-Jean Roberta, lesbian erotic author

Jean, it is no wonder you are an oft published author. There is a lot of creativity involved in your multi-faceted response. I promise every time I use the phrase “pervertables” I will give you credit! And stone dildos are so sculptural. The marble fantasy of yours sounds hot. The Stockroom carries a few really beautiful stone dildos. Made of granite, no less.

I am a fan of Jean’s reviews. She’s a regular on the smart and funny site, Blue Food, as well as,,,, and countless lesbian erotica anthologies.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bazaar Bizarre and Bizarre Bazaar

That’s right, there are two different holiday events going on with these names, and the Stockroom will have a booth at both of them!

I had lunch with the founder of Bazaar Bizarre this afternoon, Greg Der Ananian. I bought three copies of his latest DIY crafty punky book with the shared name of the event he titled, Bazaar Bizarre. Greg is a very busy man these days! He just made an appearance on the Queer Edge with Jack E. Jett show on QTV, and is being flown all over the country to promote his book. He is book signing next week at Skylight Books, and will have a Baz Biz bake sale at Pull My Daisy this Saturday. There will be a big article about him in the next issue of my favorite rag, Bust Magazine. Greg is a delicious baker, so I highly recommend picking yourself up some goodies.

I went to the Baz Biz last year strictly as a buyer, and I thought it was incredible. The place was packed with people buying up all the DIY punky crafts. The selection and level of creativity in that hall was fantastic. I bought a lot of gifts for everyone. I think the Stockroom’s handmade leather items will be a great addition to the event.

And then there’s Bizarre Bazaar. They are holding the event in a new location this year- at the Historic Mayflower Ballroom. Last year they had hilarious relay races with roped up femmes racing each other. And they sold hot dogs and happy scenesters bought kinky gear. A good time was had by all.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Latex Love

As you may remember from a few weeks ago, I wore a rubber dress for the first time. Wearing rubber was so much more complicated than I thought! But worth the effort. I got together with Jeff of LA and wrote a basic how-to for wearing rubber, that I would like to share here. I hope it encourages newcomers to try out this really sexy and interesting fetish:

How to Wear Rubber

When you first receive a rubber garment it will be covered with coat of talcum powder. The powder is there to prevent the latex from sticking together and it makes it a lot easier to get on.

Once you are ready to try it on, you may want to apply some water based lube or cornstarch based baby powder directly to the skin to assist with easing the garment on. It is important not to tug too hard, or use your nails, because the rubber can tear. Trimming your nails beforehand is recommended. Ease the item on slowly and carefully.

Once the piece is on, the easiest way to get rid of all the extra powder and lube is to rinse off in the shower and lightly dry off with a towel. If you want a shiny appearance, use a water-based polishing agent. I recommend the original Eros Lube, Black Beauty Polish or Slick Polish. Use a lint-free soft sponge, cloth, or your hands to shine it up.

If you are traveling, you may want to wait to polish your item until your arrival so that the polish doesn’t wear off on your car seat, leaving you with matt spots on your back and rear.

To remove your rubber item, gently roll it off your body. This is much easier to do while taking a warm (not hot) shower. This will also make the next step even easier.

After use, clean the item thoroughly. Natural oils from your skin can damage the rubber if left unwashed for long periods of time. Fill a bathtub or sink with warm water and add a drop of mild dish soap. Never use anti-bacterial soap or a washing machine, both of these will damage your rubber item. Let the rubber soak for at least 15 minutes, then rinse it well and hang it to dry.

Once it is completely dry, dust it with talcum powder, cover it with a black garbage bag and hang it in the bag of your closet, away from any light. Too much exposure to natural light will scar the surface off your rubber item, leaving a matt gray finish that will not gloss.

For more information, we recommend the book, Leather and Latex Care, by Kelly J. Thibault. A great latex fetish website is LustLoveLatex.