Monday, October 31, 2005


This has been a winner of a weekend. And it’s not over yet. Saturday I attended the Kinky Horror Picture Show party at the Erotic Museum. It was great. The Stockroom supplied a bondage rack and floggers, crops and paddles to play with. One innovative person wrapped a lady on the rack with plastic film wrap and then got out the toys. I haven’t seen that one before. The Dominion gals were stunning and striking (in more ways than one!) as usual. Mistress Allie made a fetching PVC feline that could take on Catwoman anytime. Her chrome cat mask made everyone want to purrrrr........ I left before the big piñata smashing- you know how I love those.

Juli Crockett and I attended in costume. I dressed as the heroic Wonder Woman and Juli was a Jersey Goddess player she named Slave Barbara. She had the accent down. We also strolled down Hollywood Boulevard and met up with Elvis and Marilyn Monroe in front of Mann’s Chinese Theater. I saw a lot of great Elvis impersonators this weekend.

I also attended a Burlesque show and Masquerade Ball at the Falcon in West Hollywood. The place was jammed with party goes in amazing costumes, and they that sexy vampire classic The Hunger running in the background. I was reminded how stunning both David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve are in that flick. The burlesque dancers came out one by one and shimmied their way through the crowd. Plus, the seared ahi-tuna dinner was delish.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sex Toys for the Modern Home

In the middle of the night last night when I couldn’t sleep (this is often when ideas come to me) I was thinking about Sex Toys for the Modern Home.

The toy I thought of in the middle of the night was the Under the Bed Restraint System. It’s a very simple nylon strap system that you tuck under the mattress to create four points for bondage use. So those who do not have the four poster bed can enjoy cuffing their lover’s ankles and wrists to the bed. In this sleek modern age of Design Within Reach-type platform beds, what could be more perfect? Form and function in harmony.

We carry a new dildo that I heard gives head shattering O’s and looks like a Mid-century Modern Astro barbell or something. The Njoy Steel Dildo. It’s so sleek and shiny, it could be a piece on your coffee table, right next to your collection of Dwell magazines.

This reminds me of the Party Orb from the Woody Allen movie, Sleeper. All these thoroughly Mod cocktail party sophisticates from Woody’s vision of the future had a golden device that seemed to give pleasure that was a cross between a vibrator and a joint. Woody, pretending to be a robot, kept passing the orb from guest to guest until he had the goofiest smile on his face. Anyway, aesthetically, the orb perfectly matched the Mod décor and made the experience chic and delicious.

In some ways like to enjoy my sex life the way I enjoy food- the presentation enhances the more primal experience. That goes for people as well as sex toys!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

All Hallows Eve Approaches

Okay. I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to Halloween. I love it. I love everything about it. I love the sensual phantasmagorical playfulness of it. I love Pop Culture Halloween and I love Goth Halloween and I love old rituals around Halloween that have to do with scaring evil spirits away, and paying attention to otherworlds and the undead. All of it. I love The Great Pumpkin, and making origami bats and pinning them to my bulletin board.

So what’s happening this year? I’ve already mentioned the Erotic Museums Kinky Horror Picture Show party. I know the Bondage Ball will be big this year. I was invited to attend the giant Halloween bash in Las Vegas, the Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball, Of course, the same Ball in New Orleans was cancelled. Sniff. There’s Kinky’s Crusade in Seattle, that looks intriguing.

Sensuous Sadie has some hilarious photos of Barbie in spooky bondage.

Of course, JT’s Stockroom has some unforgettable masks for the occasion. Hollywood Toy and Costume rules Los Angeles. And MAC has some amazing make-up colors to dazzle and delight. I laughed out loud at a costume set for couples a co-worker showed me of a plug and socket costume from Party America.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Humor and SM

Years ago in another city I had a best friend/gay boy housemate who was telling me all about his slutty exploits at the bath houses. I loved it when he shared his naughty stories with me. He talked about the loop the men walk- a mini cruise around the perimeter of the place, where men surveyed each other and invited each other into their private rooms. One thing he told me is that no one ever smiles. It’s all very serious and mysterious. Just like the idea that men don’t want to hear laughter when they are fooling around. They can take it as a response to their lack of …ahem…..sizability and kill the moment.

I’ve seen this carry over in the kink world as well. But I have also seen many places where humor is welcomed and appreciated. Just visit any kink yahoo group and watch the puns and jokes and silly humor fly. Humor is used a lot in teaching kink-oriented classes as well. No shocker here- humor is a great tool. That’s one of the reasons I love the late Robert Davolt ’s book, Painfully Obvious. His sardonic humor often makes me laugh out loud.

Last Saturday I attended a Groundlings show. The Groundlings have a comedy company and school in LA. Their alumni populate the likes of Saturday Night Live and Mad TV. Fantastic comedians like Will Ferrell and Lisa Kudrow studied there. The show was damn funny. Every sketch was good. I am mentioning it here because there was a sketch that took place in a Goldrush era whorehouse. The customer coming in had a very elaborate fetish that he doubted any of the ladies could manage. I won’t give it away. But let me just say that even though it was absurd and over-the-top, I thought the Groundlings handled the subject with a goofy and sweet brand of respect. Kudos!

For the Margaret Cho fans, (she’s had great kinky bits in her act) she’s got a brand new film, Bam Bam and Celeste, that will debut at the AFI Film Festival and Fusion, Outfest’s LGBT People of Color Film Festival. It’s the headliner for the Closing Night Gala at Fusion. I’ll be there. With the proverbial bells on.

Friday, October 21, 2005

We Love Bad Girls

Today on Fleshbot, Violet Blue said in reference to a porn enthusiast, “Namely, he prefers women who don’t look mainstream (and I don’t mean alterna-porn, which is the new mainstream, BTW). The last part struck me. Is alterna-porn the new mainstream?

Let’s take the Suicide Girls. I love them. I am most certainly part of their demographic. I find the nubile young punk tattooed chicks in various states of undress DELICIOUS. I watched their new DVD last night, and let’s just say it was extremely satisfying. Wink wink. The Suicide Girls has become a phenomenon, with a site that has celebrity interviews that rival the established Playboy interviews. Sophia Coppola and Johnny Depp have been interviewed here, for Pete’s sake.

And offshoots are brewing. The Stockroom got smart and approached God’s Girls (they have a Myspace page right now) before they got too huge. God’s Girls is like the urban chic version of SG. We are supplying them with yummy fetish wear for their shoots. I’ll keep you posted.

My guess is, these plastic surgery-free gals in groovy clothes and tattoos will not replace the Jenna Jamesons of the world anytime soon, just like indie films will not replace the blockbusters. But hey- Sundance is huge, and there is a proven piece of the pie out there for the alternatives. This is what I think is happening with the alterna-porn. It’s great to know that there is a place for tiny perky bosoms, manic –panic hair and punk sensibility in the adult entertainment industry.

The other bad girls I have come to know and love are the dom gals of Dominion. I have had the pleasure of witnessing them in action at events the Stockroom has attended. I met them while working a booth at DomCon, and then hung out at the Erotica LA booth in between watching them flog the hell out of some lucky lad on our bondage rack.

I witnessed Allie, Catherine and Veronica suited up in the most amazing leather and latex outfits giving the event goers a taste of their skills. I got to see Snow get hogtied up by Twisted Monk with the biggest Betty Page smile on her face.

These gals gush over the Stockroom toys and point out all the ones they already own, and sometimes get their subs to buy them some more. I just adore their power and talents and the way they embrace this scene.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Golden Tornado

I was taking a walk around the block in sunny Silverlake today and came across the most beautiful outdoor installation. It’s called Maximilian's Schell. It involves big golden stained glass-like leaves whirling two stories high like sails in the middle of a neighborhood block. I stepped inside and there were bales of hay and a fountain. These artists created some kind of outdoor wonderland. An oasis of sorts. This may sound a little woo woo, but I have to admit that with all the tornado scares and hurricane tragedies that have stuck our country these days, this golden, shiny whirlwind of a structure feels like a beautiful counterpart.

In line with the Stockroom’s motto of “All the Best in Sexual Technology,” we all keep a look out for the newest sex gadgets. We want to try and supply you all with the orgasms of the future! That reminds me, anyone remember the orgasm machine that pleasures Jane Fonda’s character in Barbarella? I adore that movie. Anyway, hot tips all over town are talking about the vibrator that is activated by phone messages. Reach out and touch someone. We are seeking that little gadget out to carry at our store. The Stockroom already carries that butterfly vibrator that is sound activated, the Audi-oh. I hear this vibe works best with pounding dance music. Ah yes, it’s the adult version of sitting on the big vibrating speakers of my favorite dance club.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Lip My Stockings

I just got turned on to a fantastic writer from the Bay Area- Michelle Tea. I am reading her novel, Valencia. For all you kinky folks out there, I can tell you it’s a real treat to come across a creative and lusty kink scene right near the beginning of the book. And there are more throughout the novel. It’s a wild ride. It is sex, drugs and rock‘n roll in the Mission, in the most honest and vulnerable style I have come across in a long time. I am a new fan.

A friend of mine is married to this guy who works for the American Embassy, and they will be stationed next year in Tokyo, Japan. I am going to visit! This trip will be months from now, but I am already on the edge of my seat. I’ve got some Learn Japanese in Your Car tapes to brush up with (I studied the language for three years in high school). I enjoy the nuggets of wisdom I get from Midori about Japan- like in the article she did about Tentacle Sex. If anyone has any great ideas of where to go when I get to Tokyo, please drop me a line. I watched the movie Lost in Translation again last night. I love the Tokyo call girl who asks Bill Murray’s character to “Lip my stockings.” Brilliant.

The new Stockroom building is right across the street from that bastion of punk sounds, Epitaph Records. They hooked us up with a brand new copy of the Suicide Girl’s new DVD of their Burlesque tour. I can’t wait to watch it. They’ve got a show at the El Rey next week, and I will be there! I promise to give you a full report. Have I told you lately that I love my job?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

October in Lucky Lana Land

October is my favorite month. I love the Autumn season and the crazy LA heat cooling down. It’s my birthday Oct. 8th (Libras rock- ask any Libra) and I had a party that involved a 4ft tall blue robot piñata. Now, for those who seek healthy ways to get out their aggression, there is nothing like smashing a colorful toy to bits and have candy stream out of it. I got the piñata at Vine American, a vast party store on Melrose. I am thinking I want a piñata for every occasion. Secretary’s Day, Ann Arbor day, etc.

Of course, October is also kick ass because of Halloween. This is the time of year where frat boys dress in drag and any curious American who has ever had a kinky bone in his/her body buys the skimpiest costume available and tries out that naughty past time, Role Playing. I wonder how many people end up coming out of the Kink Closet after dipping their toe in the water at Halloween.

This year may be a milestone for me, because for the first time I will be dressing as my lifelong hero in satin tights, Wonder Woman. I found some golden rope for my lasso of truth at a Dom’s yard sale in San Francisco! Now I’ve got everything but that golden tiara. I’m on the lookout for that. If anyone has any leads, please let me know.

The Erotic Museum will be throwing a Halloween Party and a bunch of sexy doms from Dominion will be there for your spanking pleasure. The museum throws great parties- the Valentine’s Day party was a smashing success.

I also recommend seeing Robbie D’s Halloween Cabaret at the Cavern Club at Casita del Campo. His moody, brooding songs will haunt you for months to come.

Last Wednesday I attended a kick off party for a new magazine, the Lesbian Quarterly. The zine is fantastic! I love the cover photo of the singer/performance artist Peaches posing as the late bisexual supermodel Gia. The photo quality is great and the articles are smart and sexy. The Gauntlet IIhosted the party as part of Wednesday’s Shotgun night.

I got a call from Sweden yesterday. The founder of Senze online magazine is looking to branch out. What a gorgeous website. The latex outfits are amazing. I am bumping into more and more instances of Latex Flamenco Fetish. So hot. Anyone know of a place where latex fetish flamenco dance shows happen? I’ve got to see one.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Best of LA

I popped my “rubber cherry” last weekend at the Best of LA bash at the Union Station. In other words, I wore a shiny latex outfit for the first time and got to show it off at a LA Weekly party!

The Latex Department at the Stockroom is making grand plans to greatly extend its line to include a lot more wearables. So, to honor that, and experiment with design, our own Jeff of LA designed a fabulous rubber dress for me for the party.

I learned a lot that night about wearing rubber. Jeff of LA was great about getting me started. Jeff suggested the first time I wear a new rubber item, to actually take a shower in it to wash off all the talcum powder off of it. Since I was at work, I rinsed it off in the sink. Jeff suggested I wait to shine it up until I am in the parking lot of the event- so I arrive all shiny, and not get lube (the original Eros lube is the best product to use for latex polishing) on my car seat.

Juli Crockett, Steve Diet Goedde and I drove together. Then Juli helped shine me up in the parking lot! We got some intrigued looks as people drove by us, waiting to park their cars. Steve took a phone cam video of the shiny event.

It was a hot day, and ….. as a lady….let me just say that I was “glistening” a lot- actually, streams of perspiration were streaming out of my latex opera gloves and down my legs. I think the folks who brave all those outdoor festivals and parades in rubber attire are amazing. Drink your water, rubber heroes! I think I sweat in that outfit almost as much as I do in Bikram Yoga class.

As the sun set in LA and the night cooled, I felt a lot more comfortable and yes, sexy in my rubber dress. The party was great. The Union Station has some amazing architecture, and the outdoor courtyard lent a festive feel. Déjà Vu gals ran around in pink sparkly hot pants, glitter and faux tattoo wings, In-n-Out Burgers were being offered on platters, and Pinks supplied the veggie hotdog meal I was looking for. There were Texas Hold ‘em training tables from the Commerce Casino. I lived up to my name with some big wins at that table. That’s right, I was raking in the chips.

The three of us made it to an elaborate chocolate fountain hosted by Mignon Chocolate. What decadence. With glee I dipped strawberries and little rice krispie treats into the flowing chocolate. We joked about dipping hotdogs in the fountain, but don’t worry, we held back.

My favorite people to visit at the party were Freddy and Eddy- and their new gal about town, Jennifer Ramsey. She has recently signed on to work with the wonder couple. I also enjoyed talking to Jordan the Bonkmaster about the power of blogs and the written word. A good night was had by all.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

My visit to Freddy and Eddy’s

My visit to Freddy and Eddy’s

For the first time in a dog’s age I made it to the far side of Los Angeles known as Venice Beach and met the royal pair of couple’s sexuality, Freddy and Eddy. They couldn’t have been more charming if they tried.

Their angle on sexuality is refreshing and a great service. Freddy and Eddy run a by-appointment-only store/salon out of a sweet little house on a residential street. They focus primarily on couples. They provide a safe and creative space to introduce couples to a variety of books and sex toys. This coincides with their very popular website.

Freddy and Eddy met me when I drove up and offered me espresso. They have a little espresso set-up right when you walk into the place. The first room is the “warm up” room, full on non-intimidating lotions and lubes in pretty packages that you can peruse while sipping your latte.

Their expansive library lines one prettily painted wall. There were plenty of fabulous Daedalus titles amidst their collection.

The next private little room was the kinky room! They had a Bonk'er Bed set up, and a number of paddles and crops and floggers and masks ready to play with. They hung an organza-type screen over the implements to soften the room. Couples can dip their toes into the sea of kinky play in this private room.

Then the place opened into the salon area, filled with big cushy couches and glass cases filled with shiny glass dildos and cockrings and the like. We enjoyed talking about the new column they are going to write for the LA Weekly, OC Weekly and the Village Voice, and about the state of sexuality in America in general.

What sets this couple apart is their frank earnestness and enthusiasm for educating and offering paths of pleasure to dedicated couples. There is no shame involved. It is an open-minded space where couples can be curious and learn together.

Freddy laughed at me for ordering a decaf espresso. I didn’t mind.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

KSEX Radio

Lucky Lana Blog: Live on KSEX Radio

Last night I had the best time on the Baadmaster Dungeon Show on KSEX radio. KSEX radio is an online radio channel (free) that offers live video feed (for a fee) every evening. The Baadmaster Dungeon show features Baadmaster and Mz. Berlin. They are the only kink program on a radio channel mostly populated by Porn Stars.

Joel Tucker- the owner of the Stockroom, Steve Diet Goedde, and the Stockroom marketing director, Juli Crockett and I were the guests of the hour. Steve kicked it off talking about his new DVD, Living Through Steve Diet Goedde, then the rest of us took the stage and proceeded to talk about the history of the Stockroom, (there is a great article about Joel and this story in the recent City Beat newspaper).

We then got to the part where Mz. Berlin allowed us to truss her up with our prize give-away, the x-bar spreader. She was very compliant! There weren’t enough microphones, so I happily lay down next to the buxom Berlin and shared the microphone with her. Her bosom made a lovely resting place in between chats.

All in all, the evening was good fun. The hosts told us that their show received the most phone calls and questions, and their very first female caller! A vegan, no less. Baadmaster told us he was proud to be highlighted on a channel that was not “preaching to the choir”. He enjoys all the newcomers to the BDSM scene who call in to ask questions.

Look forward to some hot Daedalus Publishing authors on the show, and our Stockroom gang will gladly come back and play again.

Other tidbits: The fabulous pro-couple duo, Freddy and Eddy, took a tour of the Stockroom yesterday. They will be chronicling their journey into BDSM in their new column in the LA Weekly, OC Weekly, and Village voice! Joel Tucker, Julia Christa, and yours truly plan on helping them through this process.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Jeff of LA Interview

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing a pioneer in the rubber bondage scene, the head latex designer of the Stockroom, our own Jeff of LA. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

Lucky Lana: Let’s get to the nitty-gritty, shall we? Why rubber?

Jeff of LA: Rubber is sexy! It’s perfect for bondage, the feel, the texture of the material is so sensual. It really embraces your body. I like the super shiny look of it, the way it stretches and even the smell of it.

The first time I tried latex, an old boyfriend of mine locked a rubber hood over my head. It was the most intense experience! The rubber blocked out all the light, the smell was so sexy and it fit like a glove. And unlike leather, you don’t have to worry about making a mess! Ha!

Lucky Lana: Well said. How did you start working with latex?

Jeff of LA: It was kind of a fluke. I received a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and didn’t know what to do next. Art doesn’t usually pay the bills, you know. I then had a series of jobs that weren’t at all art related. I got bored with that.

When living in New York City, I was part of the 80’s Gay Leather scene. I hung out at the Spike, the Eagle, and the guy I was seeing was a founding member of the New York Bondage club so we spent a lot of time playing at those meetings. I was a wild time!

When I wasn’t at the leather bars, I was hanging out in the underground music scene, a lot of my friends were in punk/hardcore bands at that time. It’s funny, in both of those scenes the guys wore lots of leather!

I started going to San Francisco for the Folsom Street Fair- that was my favorite thing to do for my vacation. The week leading up to the fair is always fun, the city is full of leathermen.

At that time I had a very stressful job as the buyer for the largest bookstore in New York City. After several years of visiting, I fell in love with San Francisco, so I decided to say “Fuck it all” and move there!

The leather scene in New York was thinning out and San Francisco’s was exploding. I thought it was so cool to see guys walking around in full leather or rubber in the middle of the day! You’d never see that kind of thing in New York back in the late 80's.

I moved there without any idea of what I was going to do for a living. I just knew that I wanted to do something more creative than ordering books. I saw an ad the in one of the gay papers. There was a fetish company looking for a latex prep person. I went for the interview, and it turned out to be Mr. S. Leather. It was every gay leather boy’s fantasy job to work at Mr. S.

It was a basic introduction to latex. Excellent training. I was cutting, gluing zippers, whatever they needed me to do. The latex department was very new at that time. But within the first month, I was moved from prep into production.

Lucky Lana: How did you cross over into design?

Jeff of LA: I wanted to start designing for Mr. S, so my first project was rubber hoods. I was extremely naïve! I had no idea how complex a hood design could be. The face has so many different planes to it. Getting the fit right on the hood is really tricky. But I surprised myself, and it came out really well. They liked the hoods so much they asked me to design some more items.

Six months after that, the latex department’s supervisor went back to school, so they made me head of the department! In less than a year I went from the prep guy to designing latex and running the department. I noticed that there wasn’t a lot of serious rubber bondage gear at that time. Since bondage is one of my major kinks, I decided to focus heavily on designing more latex bondage gear. I designed the majority of the latex bondage items that they still sell. The latex items that I didn’t design, I repatterned or tweaked the design while I was there.

Lucky Lana: I heard you did designs for a few celebrities.

Jeff of LA: While I was at Mr. S, I made a whole line of outfits for Joan Jett for two of her tours. She is so nice, really down to earth. And I made all the rubber clothing in the movie 8mm. Joaquin Phoenix wears a t-shirt I designed, that was cool to see on the big screen! I’d love to do more of that.

Lucky Lana: How did you come to work at the Stockroom?

Jeff of LA: I decided to leave San Francisco because I had been spending more time in Los Angeles. I loved the weather in LA and was tired of all the fog and rain in San Francisco.

I was always a fan of the Stockroom site, but I noticed they didn’t have any latex items. So I approached Joel (the owner of the Stockroom) and proposed starting up a latex department from scratch. JT’s Stockroom gave me the freedom to design things the way I thought they should be designed.

I was able to use my 7 years of experience at Mr. S to design a line of latex bondage gear for JT’s Stockroom that was one step better than what I’d designed before. I saw a lot of room for improvement. I was able to create more functional, better looking, more efficient gear. I really believe that we make the best latex possible.

Lucky Lana: You’ve designed so much latex gear that we see all over the place, why don’t people know your name?

Jeff of LA: I am the famously anonymous latex designer! Ha! I’m pretty low key. I think there a few people out there that know about me, but I’ve never really promoted myself. My designs are everywhere, but no one knows who I am. It’s kind of cool to be anonymous! It’s also nice to get some recognition after all these years!

The first time I saw someone wearing one of my designs out in a bar I went up to the guy and told him how excited I was to see him wearing my design. The guy just gave me that look like, “ right buddy, sure you designed this!”

When I go online, I see my designs all over the internet. I love seeing pics of people enjoying my gear. I'm proud of my work. Most of my designs from Mr. S. and the Stockroom have been knocked off. I guess that old saying is true…. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” But of course, they are not as well made. They take a lot of shortcuts and do it on the cheap.

Lucky Lana: What makes the Stockroom gear so special?

Jeff of LA: With my 12 of years of experience, I always want to improve on designs. I designed all the bondage items to fit better, with stronger construction techniques and to look much sexier looking.

For example, our sleepsack has a ten gauge zipper, as opposed to an eight gauge that our competitors use. It’s expensive, but twice as strong. If you turn our latex gear inside out, you will see that our zippers have are sealed onto the garment with latex zip guards. That’s a step that a lot of companies leave out.

I always like to design gear so that it is adjustable to different body types. For example, I use adjustable buckling collars instead of snap collars. It looks sexier too!

With all of our bondage gear rivets and snaps are heavily reinforced with one or two layers of canvas and a second layer of latex. We have an excellent track record as far as our work holding up. Some of our competitors don’t even hem the edges, that saves them money, but the garment will tear very easily.

I looked at Vac Beds from other companies and was shocked at the shoddy workmanship. I train our latex production employees to be craftsmen and to have a sense of pride in the quality of their work.

We only use the highest grade garment latex from a company in London. It’s a lot more expensive, but you just can’t compare the quality. We have a top secret exclusive source for our latex glue! We worked with a glue manufacturer here in the states to find the perfect glue. It lays smoother and has a much stronger bond. If I told you their name I’d have to kill you! Ha!

Lucky Lana: Oh my, then don’t tell! What’s new for the latex department?

Jeff of LA: I’m currently designing a frameless Vac Bed that should be more affordable an versatile than our current Vac Bed. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s going to be really intense!

I’m really excited about expanding our wearable section. In the coming months, we’ll have a new line of men’s and women’s wearables. We always want to offer our customers new and exciting items as well as all the latex basics.

Lucky Lana: How does the Stockroom give back to the rubber community?

Jeff of LA: We have been very supportive of the rubber scene. We always donate prizes to local rubber clubs, events, parties and groups. Our rubber customers are very devoted, they are the coolest! There are lots of great rubber fetish sites like, and that we support. The feedback that we get from people on these sites helps us with our designs. We love to hear new ideas.

Lucky Lana: Do you have any last words for our rubber enthusiasts?

Jeff of LA: A common misconception is that rubber doesn’t last. That's not true at all. You just need to invest in a quality latex products that are well made. That means the edges are hemmed, that areas that are riveted and reinforced, and it’s made with good quality latex. If a latex garment is washed after use and stored properly, it should last for years and years. I have items that are over fifteen years old! I take good care of them and they are still in great shape.

Lucky Lana: Thank you Jeff for your time, and for making the rubber world a better place.