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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Better Than BBQs

Did y'all have a great Memorial Day Weekend? As reports come in, the answer is yes! Diamondback Annie came home from Las Vegas and said she had a ball at the Miss Exotic World 2006. My gal pal from long bag, Julie Atlas Muz took home the grand prize. Diamondback Annie said the act that really stood out, in a sort of violent, abrupt, but refreshing none-the-less, was the former Miss Nude World, Vanna Lace. That lady could whip a boa around sharper than anybody.

I should have stories about IML as soon as the crew comes back from Chicago. But I did hear from Brad Gagne from LA Pride's Erotic City that the Stockroom had an especially smashing booth! Good job crew! I want pictures!

I caught a matinee of the latest X-Men movie. I think it was the best yet! The women were really kicking some serious butt this time around. Like about-to-distintegrate-the-world of butt kicking. I love the androgynous characters, and I am glad they gave Storm a bit more to do. Her character is really fleshing out. Good for Halle Berry. But Jean Grey really stole the show. I'll stop there. I hate spoilers! But I loved this movie. And my hardcore X-Men comic fanatics loved it too, even if it wasn't exactly the same as the original graphic novels. Oh- and Kelsey Grammer as a big furry blue guy (The Beast) was so great!

Friday, May 26, 2006


It's the cusp of a three day weekend and I've got Friday-itis! Most of the office upstairs is out of town at the International Mr. Leather Contest. Be sure to visit the booth at the leather market there if you are in Chicago! I'll miss Chicago this year, I've got too many gigs in town this time around. So squeeze a leather bear for me if you see one!

A great distraction for all of five minutes today was watching the addictive Wonder Woman video a fan made, set to the disco version of the theme song.

Speaking of superheroes, (as I often do), our latex designers came up with the quintessential rubber hero catsuit for men. Sleek, form fitting, mysterious! Put this on and you can take on Catwoman. Meow. I hope they design a catsuit for women soon. Puuuurrrrrrrr.......

The Wonder Woman video is hosted by YouTube, one of the coolest video sharing internet gizmos I've seen in a while. Bored? Got a laptop and wifi? Entertain yourself with an insane amount of silly, interesting shared videos. It's like attending a film festival shorts program every day.

Speaking of Film Festivals, I just received the film schedule for the 2007 Outfest Film Festival last night. It looks like a great program! They are even showing lesbian porn this year! The much celebrated Pink and White production of Crash Pad is being hailed as the best lessie-alt-porn ever made. Yowsa! Buy tickets now. It runs in Los Angeles July 6-17.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Where Books Come to Play

Whew! There is nothing like flying across the country to hang out on the opposite coast for the weekend! Talk about jet setting. I had the pleasure of spending last weekend with the unstoppable Violet Blue at the Book Expo America in Washington D.C. this weekend. It was a jubilant experience.

The night we arrived in D.C., a fortuitous mix-up resulted in Lady Miss V. losing her hotel room ressie and residing instead in the top floor suite of the Hyatt Regency, with a knock-out view of the Capitol Building and beyond. Not only did she gain a view, but also an especially delicious fruit and cheese plate that pleased our jet-weary palettes. I found out after I got home that later that night Violet recorded a sexy table dance on top of the coffee table in the suite and shared it with her blog-readers!

This is the second time I've been to this convention, so I warned Violet that the expo is immense- like several football fields wide type of immense. (A short video of it is on her blog as well.) It takes days just to look at each booth in the place. Being a born-in-the-cradle rebel type, I took perverse joy in noticing that the the books Daedalus Publishing publishes stood out as some of the very naughtiest books offered at this event. There were rows upon rows of religious, children's books, and political books. In fact, I would go so far as to say that was the majority of the books offered here.

A few of my naughty favorites were there- including Last Gasp, Cleis Press, Goliath, Greenery Press, and Feral House. Of course, I enjoyed geeking out the Graphic Novels area, got myself a Wonder Woman pin and a promo copy of Alan Moore's latest work. Violet did the Euro version of the bird in front of a Newt Gingrich book, and we both scoffed at the fact that they stuck all the African American book booths in their own separate ghetto row off to the side. Bleh.

People with giant goofy happy grins on their faces waited in line for a signed Violet Blue promo copy of Fetish Sex (the actual book will be out in just a few weeks). The response was fantastic! This was a very prim crowd, and it was great to see people feeling like they were granted permission to learn about fetish sex. Amidst the throng was a prominent French Publisher who is very interested in printing Violet and Midori's book in French. Oooh la la! Leave it to the French to snatch up our naughty kinky books first!

A few more random memories.... For some reason the Pilsbury Dough Boy mascot was walking around posing for photos- I didn't get a chance to pose with him. Rats! And Washington D. C. cabs rip you off! Be warned! They have this very strange zoming system for cabs in place of a meter that doesn't make any sense and costs a lot of $$$$.

If I had time, I would have loved to take a tour of the White House. Alas, not enough time. And if you are in D.C., the Cajun food at Madam's Organ is great. They had a BEA schmooze party there with free eats that were delicious.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The C-Word

I write this with a big smile.... Cunt Cunt Cunt! Yes, I am part of the happy population who enjoys reclaiming words. And Cunt is a damn good one. I've had a lot of help reclaiming this word. There are coloring books, guides, and theater written about this subject- and I am a fan of every piece.

I was inspired to write about the reclaimed cunt after read in Susie Bright's blog that artist and photographer Tee Corinne is dying of cancer. Susie Bright is hosting a fund raiser party for Tee to help with hospital costs. Please attend if you can and buy some of her art! My heart goes out to her as a long time fan.

Tee Corinne is known as a biggie in alt art, and she made the beautiful and hilariously fun Cunt Coloring Book. Crayons have never had such fun. The coloring book is full of line drawings of the beautiful pussy, ready to color however you wish. I've got one on my bookshelf. It was a very thoughtful present from a dear friend.

Then there is the brilliant book, Cunt: A Declaration of Independence by Inga Muscio. This book includes musings, manifestos, and healthcare for the essence of femaleness. It's funny, straightforward, romantic, and empowering. It's party hippie-full moon-bare foot and part Oly Riot Grrrl and part Pro-Sex Educator goddess.

Then there's a very famous monologue from the Vagina Monologues. Eve Ensler and a host of celebrities have sounded out the powerful c-word like a orgasmic cry. I saw her perform this in Seattle almost a decade ago, and left the theater shaking. It was truly delightful.

I googled the word cunt, and was pleased to find that the top entry was a definition from the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. I love this part of their definition:

The word cunt is related to the word cunning and conduit. It is thought that "cunt" has been changed from a word meaning female knowledge and power into an insultby a deeply sexest patriarchal european church. The word may come from 'the great goddess cunti or kunda'

Take home your very own cunt, or Pussy Pillow, from the best Mother / Daughter company I know, Bad Mimi! Bad Mimi is an amazing entrepreneur who imports shimmery fabric from India to make her pillows of cunti love.

Lastly, celebrate your own cunt or the cunt closest to you with a big fat orgasm. 'Nuff said.

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Start of Summer Fun

I've got some fantastic news to share with you. First off, Violet Blue, a celebrated sex educator and author, super podcaster, and a Celebrity Moderator on our very own Stockroom Kinkwire Forum is autographing a complimentary sample of her latest book, Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples at the Book Expo America in Washington D.C. on Saturday, May 20th, from 4:30- 5:50pm at the Convention Center. Violet Blue, outspoken, witty and very sexy, plans on taking this book publishing convention by storm!

If you are not knee-deep in the world of book publishing, you can order a pre-sale copy of her book now and be the first one on your block to show off her innovative new guide.

What are you doing for Memorial Day Weekend? If cavorting with hundreds of leathermen is your idea of a good time, come visit our booth in the Leather Market of the world famous International Mr. Leather" in Chicago. We are bringing a large selection of our toys and gear to sell all weekend by our helpful, informative and terribly sexy co-workers. Shop for your favorite items and play with them all weekend. Now that's instant gratification. I'm telling you, even if you are not a big hunky leather dude, this convention is really fun. You haven't lived until you've danced in a sea of sweaty dancing leatherguys!

I had a friend of mine visit the IML market who is a nurse, and she was impressed by all the complicated medical gear. She thought she should start her own business!

If you can't make it to Chicago, how about visiting our booth at the Erotic City section of the Los Angeles Gay Pride celebration after the parade on Sunday, June 11th. Our booth will be right next to the demo stage again, where last year Midori gave a memorable Japanese Rope Bondage demonstration last year to a willing leatherman, then autographed her newest book, Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink.

If you like to hang out in graveyards, you'll love the Hollywood Forever Cemetery's summer movie series. I saw Hitchcock's The Birds for the very fist time last Saturday night. It was the perfect place to see it! Yowsa! Tippi Hedren is a nut! I am a new fan.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Paint the Town Pink

There are a few events recently that have caught my eye, so allow me to be calendar girl:

Those extra colorful and outlandish theme party planners at Kinky Salon have decided to really shake things up and offer Kinky Salon's Mash-Up Party. What is a mash-up, you ask? No, it doesn't involve potatoes and sour cream. According to Wikipedia, a mash has two meanings:

A. A Mashup is a website or web application that seamlessly combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience. Okay, that doesn't sound like a party theme. How about:

B. A Mashup or Bastard Pop, is a musical genre which, in its purest form, consists of the combination (usually by digital means) of the music from one song with the a capella from another. Ah! Much better. Kinky Salon is taking that plucky trend and inviting partygoers to dress as a mix from two former Kinky Salon theme parties. Like Pirates and Fairies. Or Sluts and Dragons, etc. I expect very wild costumes at this one.

If you are looking for something to do tonight and happen to be in Vegas, why not attend one of only three nighttime processions in America, the Las Vegas Pride Parade. They march along Fremont with much merry-making. Who knows? You may run into your favorite magician, Cirque du Soleil dancer or Cher Impersonator. One never knows. And they have a decent leather contingent as well.

Maybe you are feeling a bit less crafty and more crafty, hmmmmm? Then come visit the Felt Club , a monthly mini-craft fair featuring the best and brightest of the SoCal craft scene. These local Los Angeles crafters are talented, punky artists. It's a great way to support the little guy and the artistic boundary breakers. And find a purse / jewelry / gift that you know no one else has.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Good Cop / Bad Cop

One of my favorite memories is when a friend of mine came to join me at the International Mr. Leather Contest Leather Market. She hadn't had too much exposure in the kink scene, especially not with the leatherman culture. She joined me three stories underground in the Hyatt Hotel in Chicago, and was impressed by how many friendly cops were hanging around. Then she took a closer look and noticed these officers of the law were actually in latex chaps and cop shirts, or skin tight leather cop uniforms. Oh yes my friend, these are fantasy cops. And VERY friendly. Wink wink....

I'll put it out there that I've had a couple of friends who are cops. Good cops. And I love the TV cops on CSI and the like. I'm not anti-cop. But I am rebellious, and I do enjoy the anti-authoritarian feel of pretending to be an officer of the law. A Bad Cop. I love all the fetish cops at IML, and the sexy slutty women's cop outfits with their perky cheeks peeking from under their mini skirts. And then there's Angie Dickinson as Police Woman...

The whole idea of playing with the Bad Cop is so loaded. No one wants to be caught for real on a dark night in the middle of the highway with a corrupt cop. They have guns and billy clubs. They can forever mess with your record. But take that whole dynamic into fantasyland and POW! Arenaline!

IML is coming up at the end of this month and sadly I will miss it this year, but my heart will be with all the fetish cops out there strutting their stuff. The Stockroom is bringing a brand new latex cop shirt to the event. (They will be offered on the website soon. I'll let you know!) Yummy! I can hardly wait until they make one in my size.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Mile High Club

I was gazing at a new photo Steve Diet Goedde took for the new Syren line of latex couture, and I found myself drawn to the latex stockings that match a tiny dress a gorgeous red head modeled. I love the way that stockings frame and encase a great pair of legs.

The Stockroom carries a deliciously shiny pair of basic black latex stockings. These go with everything, darling. And black is so slimming. Pair them up with a pair of latex opera gloves, and really, what else do you need? A wink and a smile?

I visited Steve Diet Goedde's site, and Holy Sapphic Mile High Club! The gals kissing all in latex, Rose & Joelle at 1500 ft., sent my heart a flutter! I love the lip smacking mixed with aero headphones, latex wear and great views of Seattle. Where's my boarding pass? I want to ride that plane!

If you are a Mile High Club enthusiast, you may enjoy this site I found full of Erotic Stories of High Altitude. With titles like, "To Italy with Love", and "We Won't Stop Until We Qualify", how can you go wrong? Has anyone ever had a theme party like this? I can just picture all the captain and stewardess uniforms, the peanuts, the oxygen masks.....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fact and Fiction

I have noticed a trend in non-fiction sex books: how-to guides are mixing facts with fiction. Not in a confusing way, mind you. But in an inspiring way. Informative chapters are ending with appropriately erotic stories.

Non-fiction books about erotic practices have the unique opportunity to inform and inspire like no other guides out there. And sometimes just reading the non-fiction is enough to get the fires going. But there is something wonderfully naughty about including an erotic story right there at the end of the chapter that sends home the message, "Hey, you learned about it, now have some fun!"

I got to take a gander at Violet Blue's newest book, Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples. Each chapter covers a different fetish and includes an erotic story at the end by Thomas Roche, esteemed editor of Eros Zine. Yummy! The stories are great. I especially liked the one about role-playing. The book is in pre-sale and should be out in June.

Another playful example is Joseph W. Bean's Soaked! - A Watersports Handbook for Men. The book is full of frank advice, hot stories, and dirty artwork. It's worth reading for the stories alone.

Midori's Wild Side Sex, the Book of Kink includes autobiographical stories and fantasies from her own life. And what a life! These stories are as exciting as any fiction I've read! They are peppered throughout the book as icing on the cake to a top notch book about kink lifestyle and play.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kink Snapshots

On the Kinkwire Form, Midori started a thread about sharing our first kink experiences. Here are some of my favorite kink snapshots I've come across in my life:

Watching Wonder Woman on TV making good use of that magic lasso. I love that being tied up encourages telling the truth.

The first time I attended the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. I was wearing a spiked rubber skirt and fuzzy faux fur green ears. My buddies had on matching green and black attire. That was the first time I've been around that many leathermen in one place.

The first time I wore a corset was for a live theatrical production. A Commedia dell' Arte piece called Changes of Heart. The theater company rented costumes from the Seattle Opera Company. I love the pomp and circumstance of a real boned corset.

Then there's the whole culture of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The transgender themes, the bisexuality, playing with fear and power and sexuality, and fantastically scary and beautiful costumes. Frankenfurter is one of the sexiest characters ever to sashay across the screen. They are holding a 31st Anniversary Convention in Tucson, Arizona this year, in the wonderful month of October. That should be a hoot.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oozinator Meets Barbarella

I just got wind of the ultimate sci-fi perv's dream toy: the Super Soaker Oozinator. Check out this description from an online (vanila kiddie) toy store:

Sneak up on your opponents with a surprise bio-ooze attack! Just when they think you’re coming at ‘em with water, blast ‘em with a shot of icky bio-ooze! Shoot out globs of gooey bio-ooze and then drench ‘em with water! It’s a double blast attack that’ll keep your opponents on their toes and running during every water fight. With the OOZINATOR blaster you don’t just get soaked, you get drenched!

Are you kidding me? I can just imagine a dark lusty villian chasing Barbarella with one of those blasters and drenching her in "ooze" then following up with a very special slip 'n slide session, if you catch my drift. Yowsa!

I joked with the Stockroom buyer that the Oozinator should be our new Lube Shooter. Hee hee. What would be the best lube for such a sci-fi device? Maybe the ID Millennium or the Gun Oil would be appropriate. Thank you folks, I'll be shooting off the puns all night....

Monday, May 01, 2006

Gretchen Shines as Bettie Page

Okay, this busy gal finally got to see The Notorious Bettie Page last night. I give it a big clits up! (Clits up is Susie Bright's phrase, but I don't think she's ever used it in this Roger Ebert-type context...)

I've been a Bettie Page fan for many years, and have read snippets about her life here and there. I've tended to stay away from the biographical books, partly because I didn't trust the sensationalism, and partly because I like the pedestal I've put her on. Has she been violent? My gut says no, Bettie denies it, and I'm on her side.

The Notorious Bettie Page covers her rise to fame, up to her exit while still at the top of her game. The movie is clever, intelligent, nicely photographed, well acted, and avoids obvious exploitative pitfalls. Gretchen Mol is luminous, playful, and nuanced. She is beautiful and a lovely choice for a Bettie portrayal.

I can go on and on about all sorts of points about the movie.... but I'm on a kinky sex blog and I'm sure y'all are wondering about the kinky themes. It is apparent to me that the makers of this movie- from the writing to the directing and acting- practiced respect and an open mind when tackling the topics of pornography laws and fears about kink and BDSM. Bravo!

Irving and his sister Paula Klaw (Lili Taylor rocked as usual with her subtle performance) were portrayed as sweet, reasonable business people who sought to fulfil a need- that need being kinky photographs. The consumers of these photos were varied- lonely, eccentric, intelligent and cultured. Bettie put on these costumes of leather and high heels and played like a bouncy kitten with her co-stars. I giggled out loud when I saw her pout and shake her finger and pretend to spank the lovely ladies. She was no natural dom, but she sure provided a lot of pleasure for those who loved the dom photos.

I also loved the movie's portrayal of the photographer Bunny Yeager and her work. I am a huge fan. The leopard photos are my favorite. I love all the models Bunny captured in her shots. I adore the homemade bathing suits and all the spectacular ocean-side shots.

And I am always a sucker for a pro-nudity, no shame message. Even after her religious conversion, this movie made it clear that Bettie had no regrets about showing off her gorgeous birthday suit. It is always refreshing to hear that message.